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Pacik Dilators

Welcome to our new website dedicated exclusively to our Pacik Dilators!

Here you can find a wealth of information about vaginismus, treatment, our dilators and how they work, and you can also purchase our full range of Pacik Dilators. Not only did we want to make these revolutionary treatment tools readily available to everyone, but we also wanted to create a resource for anyone seeking information or help with the treatment vaginismus. We plan to continue building upon the information we have here, as well as create new avenues for learning and sharing treatment information that will not only make treatment easier, but also help destigmatize those seeking help.

If you haven’t already, check out our page about our collaborator, recognized surgeon Dr. Peter Pacik. Dr. Pacik has been successfully treating vaginismus for years and has even published a book about it. You can head over to his website for even more about him and information on how his treatment has achieved successful results in so many patients.


About four years ago we teamed up with Dr. Pacik to create a more ergonomic and effective dilator than anything else available. With his expertise, we were able to carefully design a medical tool that has proven extremely successful in the treatment of vaginismus and other forms of sexual dysfunction. Just last year our Pacik Dilators were nominated for an XBIZ Award for Best Sexual Health Product of the Year. You can also see a great profile on us that features information about our dilators in the Peninsula Daily News.


We hope you find our website helpful and informative, and you can always feel free to get in touch with us if you have additional questions not answered on the site.

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