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Who Benefits from using Vaginal Dilators?

Who Benefits from using Vaginal Dilators?

There are many benefits from using vaginal dilators. As a woman ages, there are problems with dryness and sometimes tearing when intercourse is attempted.  This can result in painful intercourse (dyspareunia).  If intercourse becomes impossible because of severe pain, this is known as secondary vaginismus. Though there are treatments for these two conditions, most of these women also benefit from a dilation program using the #4, #5 or #6 dilator (depending on the size of her partner) for 15-30 minutes prior to intercourse to help stretch the vagina slowly without tearing. It is always helpful to start with a smaller dilator such as the number 4 or a finger and then progress to the larger dilators. With experience this becomes easier. The use of lubricants is combined with the dilation.

Women who have never been able to tolerate intercourse due to spasm of the vaginal entry muscle suffer from a condition known as primary vaginismus. Women with more severe forms of vaginismus are also unable to insert tampons. Treatments such as sex counseling, physical therapy and/or Botox for more severe forms of vaginismus rely on the use of vaginal dilators. These conditions are discussed more fully on the Pacik Vaginismus website.

A prior blog on the Crystal Delights website titled “Vaginal Dilators for Vaginismus: The Role of Self Evaluation by Peter T. Pacik, MD” explains the value of self-evaluation for women struggling with vaginismus. Milder cases can self-treat with a good dilation program, which is discussed in Dr. Pacik’s one-hour video  “Understanding and Treating Vaginismus” and is available as a digital download for $25.00.

In summary, there are many indications and benefits for the use of dilators, which include both primary and secondary vaginismus as well as menopausal atrophy with dryness and tearing. The Pacik Glass Dilators are easier to use than other commercial dilators (which are made too long in the larger sizes) because all sizes of the Pacik glass dilators are the length of an average vagina (3 ½ inches) and have a comfortable ergonomic fit at the vulva. These dilators allow a woman to be normally active while dilating.

The dilators are made of medical grade borosilicate glass and resist breakage. Care must be taken when washing the dilators to avoid having them fall against a ceramic sink which can cause breakage. A wash cloth placed in the sink helps prevent breakage during washing. They are dishwasher safe.

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  1. Additional news and updated information can be found on the PacikVaginismus Facebook page
    Included on the Facebook page is a link to a recently published scientific article describing the treatment of 241 women. This article is available as open access making it available to anyone who has an interest. Though written for clinicians to better understand vaginismus, women without medical experience will also be able to have insights in regard to what is vaginismus, understanding vaginismus, vaginismus symptoms and vaginismus treatment. We encourage comments on this Facebook page to make vaginismus more well known and better understood.

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