Crystal Delights

Since 2010, Crystal Delights has been creating high end sexual wellness products made from top quality, medical grade Borosilicate glass. All of our products are completely handmade at our shop in Port Townsend, WA by skilled glass artists. We have always designed our products with a focus on comfort and safety, and one of the very reasons why we use glass is because it is an exceptionally body safe material. Our demanding attention to quality and detail have earned us rave reviews, loyal customers, and even industry awards. We have also made charity, education, and environmental consciousness integral parts of our business, and we strongly believe in giving back to the communities that support us.


Collaborating with Dr. Pacik

Four years ago, Crystal Delights teamed up with recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Pacik to create a set of dilators with a revolutionary design. With the help of Dr. Pacik, we carefully designed these dilators to be safer, more effective, and more comfortable than any others before them.

Shellie of Crystal Delights was first introduced to Dr. Pacik several years back when the director of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Megan Andelloux, invited her to a conference at Dr. Pacik’s home in Dunbarton, New Hampshire. The conference drew a multitude of sex therapists, physical therapists, and sex educators. There were also people in attendance who suffered from sexual dysfunction, including Vaginismus.

Shellie was approached by Dr. Pacik, who had learned that she designed glass pleasure products. He was interested in designing glass dilators for his patients, and wanted to work with Crystal Delights to create a new type of dilator that would be optimal for his patients’ treatment, and unlike any other treatment devices available.

Most medical dilators had design flaws that made them uncomfortable for most women, and therefore unsuccessful for treatment. Many dilators were too long, and made dilation an unpleasant experience. Because of their design, most dilators also required the user to dilate while lying down, so they could not be used for long periods of time or during normal activity. Dr. Pacik wanted us to help design something that would correct all of these flaws, which were all barriers to successful treatment.

Shellie and Dr. Pacik came up with some concepts, and she later attended one of his discussions where he would also perform surgery. In Shellie’s own words, this was a life changing experience. One of Dr. Pacik’s patients had flown in all the way from the U.K. for treatment of Vaginismus. Before the procedure, this patient was in tears and visibly distraught. After treatment, the transformation Shellie witnessed was incredible. The woman was overjoyed with the success of her treatment, a changed person. This was the moment Shellie fully realized how much good they were doing; they were truly changing lives.

For years, women living with this condition have felt that they have had nowhere to turn, and that there was nothing out there that could help them. Many women have come to Dr. Pacik at their whit’s end. They have seen other doctors and undergone treatment after treatment with no success, and only after being treated by Dr. Pacik were they finally able to achieve the results they wanted. These dilators truly are revolutionary; they have changed the way this condition is treated, and they have helped so many women live the lives they’ve always wanted.