Our Dilators

With the help of Dr. Pacik, we carefully designed our dilators to be safer, more effective, and more comfortable than any others before them. Before collaborating with Crystal Delights, Dr. Pacik had been unsatisfied with the dilators that were available to treat his patients with vaginismus. He found that most dilators had design flaws that prevented successful treatment; many were too long, others could only be used while the patient was lying down, and some had features that simply made them uncomfortable for the wearer. Since progressive dilation is such an integral part of successful treatment, he needed dilators that would be exceptionally comfortable, safe, and that could be worn for long periods of time, in any position, while doing almost any activity.

We addressed all of those issues when designing our dilators, which is what makes them so revolutionary. Our dilators do not exceed a length of 4 inches, which is the average length of a woman’s vagina. This allows women to dilate comfortably for long periods of time, which is crucial to stretching the vaginal muscles with lasting results. We’ve also given the base an ergonomic design with a folded lip rim which makes contact with the vulva more comfortable, and allows it to sit closer to the body. Because of this, women can dilate during normal activity, giving them more opportunities to do so. Dilation can be done virtually any time, any place. This is an important part of treating vaginismus, and one of the reasons why our design has been successful in such an unprecedented way.

Our dilators are also handmade in the United States from high quality extra heavy walled Borosilicate glass tubing. We make our dilators from glass because it is an extremely body safe material. It is non-porous, all natural, hypoallergenic, and very easy to sterilize. Other materials can cause allergic reactions in some patients, and porous materials can harbor bacteria that make it almost impossible to disinfect. In addition, some synthetic materials can potentially contain harmful chemicals. Borosilicate glass in particular is very durable and safe, and is the same type of glass used for implantable medical devices.